Coworking in Iowa City & Cedar Rapids is Happening!

Benefit from coworking in Iowa's Creative Corridor by networking and working along side other innovative professionals.

Since humble beginnings in 2009, Cowrk has grown from an ocassional transient meetup to something that includes several full featured and cutting edge coworking facilities in Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and Cedar Rapids.

Coworking is a trend emerging in today's information / internet driven society whereby individuals telecommuting or working from home share a common working space to re-humanize their work life. Coworking can take place in an apartment, a cafe, a shared office space, or just about anywhere people are willing to come together and work.

When we started the coworking movement in Iowa City, we believed that there was a hidden and yet to be realized community of creative internet professionals in the Iowa City area. Turns out we were right! It was and continues to be our mission to find these individuals and create a community where we can encourage each other as we share work together.

Join us for coworking at these great facilities:

  • CoLab (Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty)
  • Busy Coworking (Iowa City)
  • Vault (Cedar Rapids)
Also, check out the Iowa Startup Accelerator, lanunched in 2014, for more opportunities to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

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